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26 December 2009


The eBay SNAD Scam (How To Get Anything For Free Off eBay)

Just got burned by this, so I thought I’d let folks know.

The scam is simple and hinges on 2 key elements:

  1. eBay “seller protection” doesn’t protect against this (or much else, for that matter).
  2. eBay recently changed its policies to prevent anyone from leaving negative feedback ratings for buyers. Buyers can only be good people. Obviously.

And the scam itself goes like this (from the buyer’s/scammer’s perspective):

  1. Buy something from some unfortunate person on eBay.
  2. After it arrives, file a dispute stating the item was significantly not as described (SNAD), the seller isn’t working with you to resolve the issue, and ask Customer Support to resolve the case.
  3. Wait a few days for Customer Support to decide in your favor. They will always decide in your favor for a SNAD case. They are well-trained monkeys.
  4. You’ll get a refund and be asked to ship the item back to the seller. Send them a box of rocks instead; eBay doesn’t care much.

eBay used to be a halfway decent place to sell your stuff, but clearly those days have passed. I’m not a regular seller, and I only got burned for a small-value item (barely worth the time it took to write this post), but the next time I clean out my closet, I’ll take it elsewhere. Honestly, I wonder why anyone still sells there in this environment.



10 June 2010

Yeah im getting burnt in a similar situation. I sold an iphone to someone in Israel. They claim customs opened the package and they sent me pictures (before i even asked for them) of a open box saying customs opened it. So I’m just realizing saying Customs opened it leave me liable because Paypal consider it still my item until he get the product. They don’t care if you sold 100 iphone without no problems they will always side with the buyer but I pay fees for selling and get treat like sh*t. A lady from paypal told me hey you choose to become a seller this type of stuff happens. No you do everything right to prevent this from happening. I was looking online about snad disputes and someone had the exact same story I had but paypal wont look at this and think maybe the buyer is getting over. My best bet right now is to call his Customs and see what happen.

Same shit is happening to me as well. I have impeccable feedback and now some broken English speaking foreigner is trying to win on me by filing a SNAD claim with GayPal.

Correct but there are even better ways with the new Buyer Protection Nonsense..sellers don’t have a chance..Anyone can get anything free on ebay and now WITH the sellers blessings..email me and I will be happy to show you..Become a part of the downfall of this evil empire..

Not a paypal

8 December 2010

I am going through this right now. I had no idea and am very much shocked and depressed. This was a rare vintage item. The buyer claimed SNAD one day after recieveing it. Also claimed I did not respond to his complaint. Wow, he gave me one whole day… It was a Saturday and I had waited almost a month to receive payment… He received the item three days after making payment. I had no idea anything was wrong until I logged into paypal on Monday morning! He flat out refused 100% refund upon returning the item which he still has. If it is SNAD, why keep it and refuse a full refund? He wanted 50% refund. Basically he wanted the item for next to nothing while he already got a major bargain. He even complained about the clearly stated shipping cost $10.00 actual shipping cost $7.25… before packaging, tape, gas, etc… In the five seconds it took this guy to publically slander me, my 7 year, 100% feed rate went to 80%! Of course his feedback is still 100% because you can not leave neg fb even for a buyer who deserves it! Today’s ebay and ebay’s new baby paypal sucks! Can you say conflict of interest?

I will be contacting the BBB, the attorney general, the FBI with a scam alert, etc… I may have lost out on this deal but I will never take it sitting down! We need to collectively find a way to fight back!

Same here. Sold a personal TivoHD, guy gets it and claims SNAD same day. He sends it back, but did an absolutely horrible packaging job and it got damaged in transit. When we got it, we find the power cord was still zip-tied and unused. We emailed the buyer, and his response was: “I used the power cord of my existing Tivo. ”

Who in their right mind tries to use a completely different power cord on an electronic? Then, due to his own incompetence, he could not make it work. This unit was not SNAD, he just never used the proper power cable for it. Of course, he got his money back 100% and now we have a damaged unit that we cannot sell. WTF? How is this even legal?

When I used to sell on eBay, I was the victim of a SNAD scam many times, at least 5.
One such example was a buyer who waited about 7 days to make payment, then finally after payment was received it was shipped out same day. When the buyer got the item, they told me that it was broken and unusable. I knew this was absolutely not true, because I tested it right before sending it out. Next thing i know the buyer demands a refund and threatens to leave negative feedback if I do not comply. So, realizing it would only hurt my credibility if I was to not refund them, I issued a full refund. After sending them a full refund, I see that they have still left negative feedback. At this point I was fuming. I send them an email asking when they left negative and ther flimsy excuse was, I left it before you refunded me, even know just hours before the buyer said they would not leave negative if I refund it. So I sent them a feedback revision request, which they promptly either deleted or just ignored and clanked they never got it. I have a feeling they knew that sellers are limited to around 3 feedback revisions a month, so he was just kicking me left and right. At this point, I stopped communication with the buyer and contacted eBay. I explained to them that this buyer was using extortion as a means to obtain my item for no cost. Around a day later, eBay removes the negative feedback, although I never received the money back. All this hassle for a $7.00 item. That is exactly why I do not sell on eBay any more

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1 December 2012

Same here when I called & the girl said I was in the right but then she talked to her supervisor she came back & said I am sorry the supervisor said no –but you are right thye should not let them have the money or item, I hope she still has a job BUT she told me the truth

On the page it reads No returns-no refunds
BUT if they really fight why are they not told send it back? The issue a refund.
Paypal lets then keep it & the money
Plus kill ur feed back
Do they just sit there & laugh with ur money.
Is PP in on it?

You are all right. It is true, as sellers we have not winning case. I dont understand why the neg fback on buyers has been terminated.
However, I think that buyers can not cheat on a regular bases, and file for SNAD repeatedly, or even easier say they did not receive the item, because ebay/paypal would investigate closer.
However, if you are the unlucky seller who gets picked by one of these cheaters, you are screwed.

Phil McKrackin

16 January 2013

After Getting Screwed Many Times Sending Free Gifts Worldwide on eBay! SNAD = over 3,000.00 in Refunds, Regardless of the item being returned or not, Or a Box of Rocks being tracked as a return item< I find that after countless hours fighting with eBay and Paypal, All You get from these Monkeys is (It's Or Policy) SO In order to Re-coop your Money (If you Can't Beatem / Joinem) If I buy an Item truly I will find something wrong with it and File SNAD for a Free Item and a FULL REFUND so Christmas shopping is Delightful and you can buy your family and friends the very best presents!
The Newest of all Scams is wait 30 days File SNAD and ask for a 50% refund and keep the item or Just say you got a Box of Rocks delivered! Hell, Its There Policy to give refunds for any reason so Join The Band Wagon and Like Paypal Says Its the Worlds Favorite way to Get Paid In Full!! The Only way to not be a Victim of these Scams is to not Sell or Give away your items on eBay!


16 March 2013

I was scammed by a buyer in another country who claimed SNAD, sent back a box of rubbish, and Paypal refunded her.

That meant she had my item AND my money do she had a debt with me. I contacted a redneck debt collection agency in her country and sold them the debt for one dollar. They then proceeded to make her life a living hell, ringing her at all hours, turning up on her doorstep and even at her place of employment. They reported her to all the Credit Reference Bureaux and trashed her credit rating. In the end she emailed me and begged me to call of the DCA. I said you must pay for the item and by Western Union Transfer, which she did.

When I contacted the DCA they said “We bought the debt from you so its between ourselves and the debtor now.”

Revenge is a dish best served very very cold.

I am a victim too. Both as seller and buyer. I hate ebay & paypal but there’s no other place to sell my things!

As a seller: I sold an authentic branded bag, to a seller in the US. She filed for SNAD that it was a fake bag, and got 100% refunded. eBay and Paypal pretty much ignored me.

As a buyer: I bought a branded bag from a seller in the US, and got a fake item (it was obviously fake, looked like she sewed it herself). Now *I* file for SNAD, but I get ignored and I don’t get a refund. When I call Paypal, the customer service people on the line who can’t speak English well, just simply refuse to refund me?


It’s amazing how eBay and Paypal can destroy your business. You pay their fees but it means nothing to them. After a few successful months I have watched Buyers pick my bones clean, with eBay and Paypal looking on and smiling. I seriously now have to consider closing my accounts before they stress me out too much, what was once fun has now turned into a nightmare. All Sellers should put their accounts on Vacation and force them to deal with the issues.

eBay Sucks

17 October 2013

When the package arrives at your local post office do not accept it. Tell the postmaster you want it turned over to postal inspectors to be opened because you are a victim of a scam on ebay. Now you have the sworn testimony of someone in USPS as to what was returned – and these people have the legal authority to go after the scumbag both financially and criminally.

Bubba Smith

7 December 2013

People get scammed all the time. The sellers are definitely the wicked step children in this family. I know people that have sent working items and the buyer just takes out a part and replaces it with a broken part from their own unit. Then they send the item back saying it didn’t work. What a bunch of crap. Buyers are horrible on there, so I don’t sell outside the US because it happens more there than anywhere else. Ebay needs to get their stuff together and support their sellers because those are the people that bring in the money!

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